The 2013 Tubby Custard Party was held on January 17 2013 at the newly refurbished and larger Tubbytronic Superdome, the Party included a lot of mess and 40 Million bowls of Tubby Custard were consumed during the Party, which also featured 60 Million bowls worth of Tubby Custard Mess. The guests included guests from Farthing Wood, LazyTown, Pingu and EastEnders. The Party was also a rave party, so people were dancing around raving to music from Video Games and Normal Music. Rancid appeared as guests and played Fall Back Down, but it was mainly a rave party, the first song was "So High" by Channel X, from Sega Touring Car Championship, as they started spraying Tubby Custard over each Other.

The Second Song was "Free Radical" from Virtual On Cyber Troopers, a special remix where the "Cyber Troopers" were replaced by Teletubbies, however, Human sized versions of the Cyber Troopers were present at the Tubby Custard Party, and got covered in Custard while having fun.

The Third Song was of course the most controversial rave song in the history of teh internets, "Darude Sandstorm" aka "What is this song called?", however, everyone was having fun. Dozens of more songs came on and Pingu even kicked a Tubby Custard Bowl about while using an Airhorn. Then Rancid came in to the party and started a massive rowdy crowd when they played "Fall Back Down", and everyone was jumping up and down covering everyone in Tubby Custard. The Event was also Televised on the BBC, and was seen by 18 Million people in the UK. SMG4 was also there as well as Mario, as they raved to the Music while Mario started to, bizarrely enough, enjoy the Custard more than Spaghetti. Fox stated that the Tubby Custard tasted like Strawberry Milkshake, and that it was the best thing he ever tasted. Scarface, Vixen and Bold were also having fun, the crowd reached up to 400 people as well. Even Aslan was there. And so was Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell, who was having a break and decided that he had enough of the Royal Family. In Total, the cost was free as it was by the Teletubbies. The Tubby Custard Party has been an annual event since 2006, and always will be.