Note: This is about something I want to do in Real Life, so a lot of things here may or may not actually happen.

Animal vs Machine is a proposed convention by Scarface One, it's costs are unknown, but it will focus on Furries and Mecha Sci-Fi Including franchises such as Farthing Wood, Zoids, Virtual On, Mechwarrior, Redwall, Gundam, Macross, Watership Down and of course Ace Combat.

The Convention would potentially be held at the Northampton Cricket Ground Arena in Northampton, possibly as a theme for the annual Comic-Con, and then it will be held as a separate convention somewhere else.

The convention would feature a Viewing Area where old episodes of Farthing Wood, Gundam and Macross will be seen. Convention Guests of Honour will include Rupert Farley, Jon Glover, Sally Grace, Hajime Katoki and Steven Blum, then it will be different guests the next year. It will also feature a Sega Saturn Virtual On Tournament, to see who is best at Virtual On Cyber Troopers. As well as an old video games section. Custom T-Shirts will also be sold on the day as well. The convention is yet to be decided and it is unknown whether it will happen or not, it all depends on funding.

I may become the next Uncle Kage.