BBC-Sega was a merger formed in 2000 after BBC realized that Sega could be a valuable part of it's assets. This was, for the first time, proof that Video Games and Television have blurred the line. After this, BBC announced several franchises such as Farthing Wood, EastEnders and Robot Wars have been crossed over with franchises such as Virtual On, Sega Rally, Sonic the Hedgehog and Daytona USA, it was even announced BBC Bought the rights to The Bill from ITV, and that The Bill would be crossed over with Virtua Cop. In the meantime, ITV was considering a similar merger with Namco. Allowing them to make a Coronation Street Ace Combat crossover.

This was the first time a Video Game company became Publicly-State Owned, and therefore Sega was technically a Government company, with Prime Minister Tony Blair being obsessed with Virtuaroids and Stock Cars, Sega was ruling the UK's TV Screens.