The BBC Neptune 6 was a Video Game Console released in 2035. The console was, for the first time ever, introduced a real life version of the FullDive system from the Anime Sword Art Online. Called BBC Dive, the system would stimulate all seven senses.

The Console came with several starting games, all hyper advanced with Large Open Worlds 70 times the size of Neptune(Excluding Main Game Areas such as Arenas, Circuits and Levels). Including:

Racing Universe 3.

Cyber Sled Online.

Ace Combat Online.

Hang On Universe.

A More Advanced Replica of Gun Gale Online.

And a Non-Lethal Replica of Sword Art Online.

The three best selling games for it at Launch was Sword Art Online, Cyber Sled Online and Racing Universe 3.

The console sold over 100 Million units in 3 months as everyone wanted a piece of the action. An advanced version of the USPS also was in the BBC Neptune, and allowed players to Log Out whenever they wanted to. And Players could go Days without eating as well.

The Engine for the games was the Seed System, named after the same system from Sword Art Online, this allowed Planets to be as large as 70 Neptunes. And feature an infinite amount of Characters and Hundreds of Quintillions of Fully Explorable Buildings. Using an advanced Teleport Player system as well that would take 10 minutes to Recharge, or you could walk or drive to the buildings.

Overall, within 3 years, the System sold 1 Billion Units, so a 9th of the world population owned it.