Cyber Sled Online 3 was a 2042 Video Game for the BBC Neptune 7. And was well known for being Chrysalis's final Cyber Sled game. And George Lewis's First. The game was well known for having Planets 240 times the size of Neptune, and was also known for having 3 Billion Players, a Third of the world Population, and 150 Million Teams. The game used the BBC Dive system again, and made Trillions of dollars off players. George Lewis became Number 1 Player after destroying Chrysalis so many times that she retired. He was well known to be the next generation of players. And led a special team called Team Royalty II. He was well known for causing destruction and mayhem in his wake and killed Billions more than Chrysalis. Of which King William and Queen Catherine Encouraged him to do. This resulted in CSO3 being banned in South Africa, due to it's Hypocritical Connotations. Scarface One's son, Scarface Two, also joined in the game and was really good friends with George Lewis. This resulted in George dissoluting Team Royalty II and forming Team Double Trouble.

This resulted in lots of mayhem and destruction, and eventually becoming notorious Rabble Rousers. Eventually, Team Double Trouble were on BBC News and did awesome interviews. The game later had a special tournament, Cyber Elimination. Which was a Tournament where the top Cyber Sleds entered an abandoned section of a city planet. And attempted to eliminate each other, this resulted, 40 hours later, Team Double Trouble won via Team Win. And therefore became the top two CSO3 players. This resulted in them being awarded a double seater in CSO4.