CSO4 was a 2046 Video Game for the BBC Neptune 7 well known for introducing double seaters, which would be Cyber Sleds with one seat at the front, one seat at the back, Team Double Trouble were the first players to have a Double Seater Cyber Sled, and as a result became a force to be reckoned with. Causing more trouble than ever before, they had 750 Billion Recorded Events happen. And 86 Billion characters killed as a team, with 47 Million buildings destroyed.

The game was also known for having 380 Billion city planets each 240 times the size of Neptune. And you could travel between them as well.

Cyber Elimination 2 resulted in the top 150 Cyber Sleds participating, 35 of which were Double Seaters, again, Team Double Trouble won. And as a result, they were recognized even more.

A new Team Changeling also came from CSO4, formed by Richard and Robert Barr, Karen Barr's Children. And used a new Double Seater version of Chrysalis's Cyber Sled. They caused 150 Million events in their first year. And killed 10 Million Characters as well. They were second in Cyber Elimination 2. The rivalry between Double Trouble and Changeling became so well known that even Karen and Scarface One Couldn't compare. Team Changeling were later known as the Terrible Twosome. And eventually they caused 2 Billion events within 5 years.

Double Trouble however, in it's first 5 years, caused 7 Billion Events.

As a result of this, CSO5 was destined to be even better.