Cyber Sled Online 5 was a 2052 Video Game for the BBC Dive 4, and was well known for Cyber Elimination 3. The game introduced AI Teams, Billions of them. And 8 Trillion City Planets, each 460 times the size of Neptune. Within it's First Week, 27 Quadrillion events happened. And 670 Million people bought it.

New Teams included the newly-founded SSO Single Seater Only team, which had 20 Single Seater Cyber Sleds cause as much mayhem as capable in a Single Seater. And eventually, there would be an abandoned forest and a desert area for Cyber Elimination 3. Where the top 400 Players would try to eliminate each other in the space of a week. And eventually, the leader of SSO, ex Team Changeling member Isaac Thies. Won via last man standing.

The game was well known for it's newly upgraded Cyber Credits System, where Killing Someone was now worth 100 Cyber Credits, This allowed 11,000 Rockets to be bought with every kill, and eventually, Isaac Thies earned 400 Trillion Cyber Credits and bought Millions of rockets with it. As well as Billions of 40mm Bullets.

Within the space of 10 years, countless events happened, and many Characters died. Including Billions in a single day thanks to Isaac Thies and Team Double Trouble having a massive destruction contest in the City Planet of B67432156. 230 Million Buildings got destroyed as well.

One of the most notorious events in CSO 5 was the battle between Team Double Trouble and Team Changeling in the Streets of B3421256. Which resulted in 26 Billion Deaths, 42 Billion events, and countless minor properties destroyed. This resulted in Foul-Mouthed Tirades being exchanged between the Drivers. It caused so much destruction that they were essentially on the most destruction caused list at 780 Quadrillion Cyber Credits.