Karen "Chrysalis" Barr was an infamous CSO2 Player who was well known for killing Billions of characters in her wake. And Destroying countless Millions of Buildings. She was the head of Team Changeling, and was known for a black and light blue Cyber Sled. She formed a rivalry with Team Royalty, formed with real and fictional royalty, King William, Queen Catherine, Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip. Karen was the daughter of Chrysalis's Original actor Kathleen Barr. And just wanted to cause Mayhem in Cyber Sled Online 2. Infiltrating weddings, destroying them, and then leaving. And caused many issues for other teams as well.

Eventually, after a truce was agreed, she became an Independent Player who killed Hundreds of Millions of people in her wake and would face off several unlucky players. Becoming the "Ajim" of Cyber Sled Online 2. She would burst out the song "Free Radical" during battles with unlucky players. Eventually, she transferred to Cyber Sled Online 3. And became the Number 1 CSO3 player. During her CSO3 Days, she developed rivalries with a certain George Lewis, son of King William. As the rivalry started developing very viciously, Chrysalis eventually couldn't take it anymore and retired from CSO all together. Announcing her Retirement on Live Television in front of Millions of people. And sold her headset to George as a Solicited Gift. The Chrysalis Legacy was Over. However, people still recognize her for who she was and some people even Idolize her.