Cyber Sled Anthropomorphic, also known as Cyber Sled Anthro. Was the first Cyber Sled game to feature a Single Player mode, where you created an Anthropomorphic Animal(or Furry) character and wreak havoc on 4 Trillion Planets that are 20 Times the Size of Neptune, or 1,160 Earths. Rates for weapons were improved, 9 credits could now buy you

7 Million Miniature Bombs.

350,000 Grenades.

1 Million Rockets.

5 Million 40mm Bullets.

5 Million Explosive 40mm Bullets.

320,000 Napalm Grenades.

Killing a Character was now worth 2,000 Cyber Credits, destroying a Vehicle like a Car(Which there are quadrillions of in the game world) was worth 20,000 Cyber Credits, and Destroying a Building was worth 2,000,000 Cyber Credits. This meant that a Cyber Sled's destructive capability would reach astonishing levels. The Achievements System in the Single Player mode featured Billions of procedurally generated achievements a day. And Billions of Procedurally Generated Challenges as well. Completing these Earned the player Millions of Cyber Credits.

The game was mostly bought by Furries, Anti-Furries and Hunters. The game's largest market of which were the Anti-Furries who wanted to kill every single last one of the Furries, compared to the Misanthropes and Bloodthirsties who bought the previous games to kill humans. The game had a warning sticker on it that it may not be suitable for Furries or Animal Lovers. This resulted in the Online Mode dividing the players into two halves, Furries and Anti-Furries, causing a massive war between them involving Trillions of Cyber Sleds getting destroyed and Countless amounts of Characters died while Countless amounts of ammunition were also used. This eventually resulted in Cyber Sled Online: Anthro vs Human.