NOTE: Some Sensitive Content here as this is based on WWII, which I'm also looking forward to this year's Call Of Duty. Read at your own risk. Also Biased as I am a Furry. Rald is based on an Ace Combat Character who was similar to Hitler.

Cyber Sled Online: Anthro vs Human was a special version of Cyber Sled Online released in 2069, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of WWII. The game was released as a project that lasted 7 years, the point being to destroy as many Cyber Sleds and Civillians as Possible while being involved in a War, between Furries and Anti-Furries, Millions of people bought the game and prepared for the War by converting from Cyber Sled Anthro to Anthro vs Human, gaining Countless Credits in the Progress. The War would be on one Planet, that was 14 times the size of Neptune, or 812 Earths. And started beginning in one of the game's 160,000 Countries, each Country having Hundreds of Cities, Quintillions of Buildings and Countless amounts of Characters. It started in the Country of Alrion, which was basically like France, starting on a Landing, like D-Day, and during this first battle thousands of Cyber Sleds got destroyed. The main reason was to push into the city of Elhin, An Anti-Furry City with a population of 60 Quintillion with Trillions of Buildings.

Eventually Thousands of Players pushed into Elhin and started destroying the city, causing Countless Credits worth of Destruction, and Killing every last single Human. The Result was all 60 Quintillion characters died, resulting in a victory for the Furries. This mean't that the Anti-Furries, headed by a man who was slightly nicer than Hitler but hated furries, called Richard Rald. Decided to find a way to eliminate them, eventually deciding that something similar to what Hitler did was too risky as it would probably make the game more Controversial than it currently is, instead deciding on a Scorched-Earth Policy. Eventually, the plot was discovered by the Furries, and within 7 years the Anti-Furries destroyed Richard Rald's entire Anti-Furry Government and his Cyber Sled. Resulting in a massive victory for the Furries and therefore proving that Anthropomorphism was a popular thing and after this, the leader of the Furries did a victory speech on inclusiveness. Which made the world rage as basically they killed to prove a point of peace. "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU ACHIEVE PEACE!" Rald Famously Said after Quitting the game. After this, Rald later killed himself after Public Attention Waned, proving that History does tend to repeat itself and that Video Games were serious business.