Cyber Sled Single was a Single Player Version of Cyber Sled released in 2078. It Featured 200 Trillion Planets that were 20 times the size of Neptune and featured 230,000 Countries each, each with Quadrillions of Cities that each had Trillions of Buildings, and divided between the Furries and the Humans. Two of the Angriest Players on Earth Played it, Richard Rald's son William, and Scarface One's Grandchild. One of which was an Anti-Furry, and one of which was a Furry. William Rald being the Furry and Scarface One's Grandchild being the Anti-Furry. They basically went on an Angry Rampage throughout the Galaxy, and were so famous that they had a grudge match in a large Stadium. William Rald was a very sad person because he didn't like his Dad's philosophy and so became a Furry as he loved Animals. Scarface One's Grandchild Scarface III was an Anti-Furry unlike his dad because he was an original member, by choice, of Richard Rald's System.

They both destroyed Quadrillions of Buildings and Quintillions of Characters on a very angry fit of rage. Eventually, when they fought each other in the Stadium, they eventually caused a draw and decided to show the world Tolerance.