Famous Cyber Sled Online teams included

Team Laughing Coffin: A Team of Sadistic SAO Anime fans who wanted to experience the thrill of killing AI Humans. There is a rumour one of their members was a convicted murderer.

Team Phoenix: Headed by Virtual On Champion Scarface One, this team tries to outdo Laughing Coffin by destroying more, and generally using more Aggressive Tactics.

Team Cyber Commando: A Team of Cyber Sled Vigilantes who will do anything to destroy members of Laughing Coffin and put the alleged murderer to Justice.

Team Mayhem: The Team that, hence their name, destroy everything in sight and generally are there to destroy stuff and kill people. They are the richest team in Cyber Sled.

Team Beaters: Ex Namco Developers who know the game in and out, are really just there to check how the game is.