EastEnders:2072 was a special version of EastEnders that tied in to the Virtual On Universe. In it, Albert Square is the headquarters of the DNA Resistance, the Queen Vic becoming nothing more than an outlet for Mercenaries to Eat and Drink, one of the show's first battles was based on a 2002 EastEnders Plot, Steve Owen vs Phil Mitchell, Phil in his Raiden completely ends up Obliterating Steve's Apharmd, his Apharmd Exploded and killed him.

The show was rather popular and led to 1200 Episodes being produced, it still airs even today. And a Video Game was produced, that received as much praise as Virtual On:Farthing Wood. And featured a hub in the form of Albert Square. The best bit was the final boss, "Nasty" Nick Cotton, piloting Z-Gradt, and beating him, therefore unlocking a miniature version of Z-Gradt as a Playable Character.

The Game sold 2 Million Units.