Fade to Black was the Number 1 Single from the Virtual On Farthing Wood 2 soundtrack. By Kentaro Kobayashi and Detlev Kuhne(The Orchestral Remastered Version), the track was known for being in the penultimate stage where you encounter Martin Kemp's character in a Raiden. The song was known for it's awesomeness, eventually, the song was so awesome that fans requested a special version of the "Unholy Cathedral" stage set in the same Cathedral in the Virtual On Farthing Wood original, that featured Fade to Black, Sega and BBC agreed, and therefore Virtual On Farthing Wood 3, released in September 2006, featured both versions of "Unholy Cathedral". The song was known for almost sparking a lawsuit between Sega and Metallica, Metallica's second well known legal threat since the 2000 Napster incident.