Hang-On Universe 2 was a 2048 Video Game, made because people were getting very tired of Cyber Sled Online. It was a single player only game, with 20 Planets, including some from Racing Universe 2, remade and 200 times the size of Neptune. The game featured Hundreds of Quintillions of fully explorable buildings, and Quintillions of Bike Dealerships that each sold 230 Billion different types of bikes every in-game day. The game featured remakes of the original Hang-On GP Tracks, and featured returning Teams MK and WDP.

The game featured Hundreds of Quintillions of turing tested characters, and was well known for each team having it's own circuits and 20 original outdoor circuits as well.

The game featured several new teams, with indoor headquarters. And Millions of achievements and challenges every real life day. The game was well known for its special mode, the Motorcycle Marathon, where you would compete with 27,000 other bikes in a special long-distance race on the main planet.

Overall, Hang-On Universe 2 sold 125 Million Units. And was considered the best Hang-On Game ever.