Hang-On Universe 3 was a 2085 Virtual Universe that was released after the Cyber Sled Series ended. The game featured 20 Teams, all Furries and Humans working together, unlike the limited selection in Racing Universe. The game featured Indoor and Half-Indoor Half-Outdoor Planets 30 Times the Size of Neptune, with no countries whatsoever. Quintillions of Buildings and Turing-Tested Characters. And the Entire Earth Population moved to this Universe. So did the 250 Billion People who lived in the Solar System. The game also featured 15 Outdoor Planets for Racing On, and a Motorcycle Marathon Race on a 16th Outdoor Planet, where 25,000 Lucky People annually Participate. The World was Eternally Happy, the Universe was also built to survive the end of the Universe it was created in. Meaning a Type of Heaven. It was also proof that the Universe was Simulated.

Billions of people watched the Motorcycle Races, and everyone was extremely happy. Eventually, half of the 125 Billion people moved to Racing Universe 4. And peace was maintained throughout the two universes.