Jeremy Barrett in Scarface's Alternate Universe was a Virtual On Obsessed Police Officer and Actor, who portrayed Bold in his first appearance in Virtual On:Farthing Wood 2, after requesting to BBC-Sega so many times that he'd like to be in it. His first video game acting role was in Virtua Cop 2, which also featured David Leytze of Daytona USA fame. He is also #26 In the Virtual-On Farthing Wood 4 Leaderboards, and a 2 time Virtual-On Tournament Champion. He also had a special Cockpit Version of Virtual-On Farthing Wood 5, specially built for him by Hajime Katoki. In his Mansion, Jeremy Barrett was paid $45 Million a year for his involvement in Virtual On. And, realizing that his favourite video game was more important, quit his job as a Police Officer to be a Virtual On Player and Actor. He was good friends with veteran actor Ron Moody, who died two years before Virtual-On Farthing Wood 5 came out. So Virtual-On Farthing Wood 5's credits said "In Memory of Ron Moody".

Jeremy Barrett also in his sparetime designs his own Virtuaroids, and has since been hired as the second Virtuaroid designer as well as Hajime Katoki.